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Retiring? Here are 5 Must-Have Amenities for your Next Neighborhood


Here are 5 Must-Have

Amenities for your Next


Before choosing your next residence, it’s important to select an area that has easy access to all of your favourite goods and services. This will ensure you have the easiest transition possible as you relocate to your brand new community. Here are five fantastic amenities that you’ll really benefit from having nearby.

Shopping District within Walking Distance

If you enjoy driving or have access to a vehicle, you may wish to skip this step – but if you do, you’d be cheating yourself of a great opportunity to stay in shape and connect with your neighbors. Living in a “walking neighbourhood” allows you to do at least half of your shopping within a 5 block radius of your home. This means that you’ll be more physically active, spend more time outdoors, and foster a personal relationship with your surrounding area. This, in turn, will have health and social perks which you’ll be enjoying for years to come.

Grocery Store with Delivery Services

A wheeled cart is a great way to transport your freshly bought produce home, but sometimes it’s not nearly large enough to accommodate all of your purchases. Many grocery stores offer home delivery service, or, at the very least, car service. Having your groceries delivered will free you from the unpleasant task of carrying bags of heavy goods to and fro, but it also carries a second benefit – by removing a time-consuming chore from your schedule, you’ll have that much more time to enjoy your day.

Community Center

The right community center can serve as a fantastic gateway to social events, classes, recreational activities, and athletic resources. They’re also a great place to start asking the locals about the quality and care of nearby seniors housing facilities. When you visit the center in person, don’t forget to ask the staff for a guided tour. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t miss anything you might otherwise have overlooked.

Community Garden

As more and more of us relocate to cities, we find ourselves with diminishing access to luxuries like backyards. If you reside in a metropolis and have a green thumb, you can still enjoy all the benefits of maintaining a hobby garden – thanks to the increasing popularity of community gardens. These are public tracts of land that have been sub-divided into small areas, which can be rented for a very nominal fee. Apply for a plot, get your plants in early, and you’ll be enjoying fresh tomatoes and zucchinis all summer long!


In the 21st century, we have access to an unparalleled quantity of information. This will really come in handy when evaluating the quality of hospital that’s located in your prospective neighbourhood. By Googling its name and browsing through message boards, you can easily determine their standards of service by the people who know better than anyone – the patients. Wait times, levels of cleanliness, and the overall friendless of resident physicians are all worthwhile considerations in your quest for a great neighbourhood.

Josh Byer is a blogger and author residing in Vancouver, Canada.

Image by Ayla87 of Stock.xchng


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