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Destination Weddings: An Ideal Retreat From Everyday Chaos


Destination weddings have become more of a trend now with many couples selecting an exotic locale for their big day. A destination wedding is possible for wedding lists of all sizes. It is a couple’s decision to celebrate their wedding in that special destination with their family and friends or sometimes by themselves. They help the bride and groom’s family to find that emotional connect and form memorable experiences. They keep the fun in weddings alive and bubbling with the exquisite landscape that usually accompanies these localities. The only hurdle with destination weddings being that it is difficult to coordinate people’s timing and schedules with the wedding date.

As these kind of weddings are gaining more and more popularity the Indian masses are gaining more awareness and are aspiring to have a this kind of wedding.They have become appealing for the following reasons,it is possible to get married without the fuss and expenses of a traditional marriage. Sometimes people who go for a second marriage are interested in having a destination wedding with the expectation of undergoing something different.

This can lead to destination anniversaries sometimes where couples try to relive their wedding experience by revisiting their marriage location. Another attraction is that the guest list will always be shorter hence enabling the couple to make their wedding more lavish and unique. Destination weddings also make sense to couple whose families are scattered throughout the length and breadth of the country as travel is anyway going to be included they might as well have their wedding at a place where everyone is bound to have a good time.

They require considerable planning, skill and expertise, being in a foreign location, couples may encounter a few difficulties with regards to the foreign culture and language. A wedding planner is necessary to translate and negotiate expenses with the local staff. Many resorts and hotels offer discounts, complimentary gifts to guests work together with the wedding planner and soon to be married couple to organize the marriage and reception.

Summary: Destination weddings are reserved for the minority elite who are adventurous and comfortable with the idea of celebrating a wedding outside of their hometown. These weddings offer a one of a kind experience where guests can unwind and relax and participate in a wedding that is not confined to the walls of a banquet hall. In India they are here to stay for good.

This article explains why destination wedding s are becoming popular, the advantages these weddings offer over traditional weddings.


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