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How Will Kate Middleton’s Baby Change The Worl

Katherine Duquesa de cambridge

How Will Kate Middleton’s Baby Change The World?
By Shaun Sugar

Prince William is in line to inherit the throne, meaning his children will also be. Kate Middleton’s baby is going to be the first child in line for the throne after its father, and whether it’s a boy or girl, things will be set to change regardless. The younger generation of the royal family have been far more outgoing than the older generation currently ruling over England, visiting every country in the commonwealth and showing their support of the things going on in each of them.

In 2012 the Queen made a huge effort to visit places around the country and the commonwealth as part of her Diamond Jubilee Tour. This brought out the best in the population, and showed the country has a true pride in its queen and everything she represents. The royal wedding and the Olympics only added to the happiness felt around the country, and the world joined in to celebrate everything that was going on.

Up until the events of 2012, the Queen had rarely been seen doing anything outside of her normal routine, but the country was left with much higher spirits after just one year of her making the effort to travel around to see everyone. The younger generation, Kate and William, are a lot more outgoing than the Queen and the Duke Of Edinburgh, resulting in their popularity soaring above that of those currently in power. When Prince William becomes king he will no doubt be more popular than the Queen has been, meaning more people will be proud of the monarch rather than looking at countries like America and thinking the country should be run as it is.

By doing more as rulers of the country, Prince William and Kate Middleton will increase people’s motivation for organising regular events that make them proud to have a king. Regular tours will also show countries besides England that the king cares about them and is interested in what they are doing, as there are things going on no one hears about but that are quite impressive. The Diamond Jubilee Tour sparked hundreds of events in just one year, if the monarch were willing to regularly make visits to different countries and the colonies there, then there would definitely be a wider community shared by all those who follow the king and support the country still having a monarch, rather than giving that same power to someone else.

Kate Middleton is a topic of hot discussion lately, and even the Kate Middleton face mask range is being sold out in retailers around the UK simply because so many people are interested in her baby, including Shaun Sugar.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Shaun_Sugar


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