Instagram: The Best Photography App

There is no doubt that people love to look at pictures. Everyone may like something different, but for those people who have a smart phone, like an iPhone, Instagram certainly seems to be the place to share these pictures. Instagram has continuously been one of the best rated apps because there are so many things […]

Three Famous Data Thefts and How to Avoid Them

With the ever increasing risk of data loss and theft, it has become important for businesses and corporations to manage their data in line with strict measures and procedures. In recent years, large corporations and government bodies have faced hefty fines because of their own failings. With strict data protection legislation being enforced, as well […]

Tumblr or Live Journal: What You Should Know

The internet has changed the way we do a lot of things. We can now watch the news online or even read our local newspaper. In the past, if we wanted to write our thoughts down, we would do it in a journal or even in a diary. However, the internet has changed that as […]

Interactive Moving Signpost can Revolutionise Art and Technology

Interactive Signpost can Move to Follow Significant Locations I have always loved it when someone takes two huge aspects from totally different worlds of thinking, out of their comfort zones and then brings them together in a fusion of something quite beautiful. Andrew Shoben, a London born artist, is in the process of constructing a […]

How to Install Navteq Map Updates on a GPS Device

Navteq are the World’s leading supplier of GPS mapping solutions and supply maps for many manufacturers including Garmin, as well as car brands that develop in-car embedded GPS solutions.  Navteq release new map software up to four times a year, and offer drivers easy map updates for their specific product so they can be assured […]

What You are Really Getting with a Shared Hosting Package

Do you know what your shared hosting is really providing for your website? If you don’t understand the foundation of your website, you could have issues you didn’t even know about. It’s very comparable to understanding what a Mustang is, but not understanding which CJ Pony Mustang parts fit where. You may find that your […]

Helping Digg Rebuild

The recent acquisition of Digg by Betaworks is a step in the right direction to rebuilding and improving the news website. As the parent company is making new changes that will help improve the growth and user-friendliness of the website, it has made announcements about how it intends to alter the site. Alterations The new […]

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