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Tips to Help You Know What You Want

Tips to Help You Know What You Want

It isn’t easy for most people to know exactly what they want. They are in a state of limbo, where they drift aimlessly. Other people and other factors easily influence their thoughts and ideas. Wanting something can have both small and big consequence — so it’s not just what you want that matters, it’s why you want it. Here are tips that might help:

Identify Your Needs

Knowing your needs can help you to know what you want. You have to find out what are your specific needs. Every individual is unique and so are you. Finding the “real you” can be done through your acquaintances. Your family, friends and associates can help you identify your needs. Daily life activities can help you find comfort, convenience, happiness, success or fame. Lifestyles of famous personalities, politicians, heroes and heroines, authors or writers and the like can also widen your perspective in life or give you guidance. Commendable people around can guide you and help you to identify what you’re good at — whether it’s a specific career or profession, or a sport, or politics. Think of what you are happiest doing and what you are comfortable with. Don’t allow yourself to believe that “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Decide what you need, use this knowledge to inform your awareness of what you want, and act accordingly.

Make a Decision

Indecisive people may have an inherent difficulty in making decisions — or they may be naive or ignorant or simply carefree. Indecision can stem from being unaware of or indifferent toward a situation. Indecisive people may rely on their family and friends to make decisions for them. They end up imitating, copying and wanting the same things as other people. Making a decision can help you know what you want. For instance — when buying, ordering, and selecting items, trust your instincts. When organizing or planning for yourself or family, have guts and follow through. This is good practice toward becoming self-reliant. So if you want to buy a property, you can ask other people’s opinion — you can ask the sales agent services or read about real estate buying and selling. The final decision, though, is yours.

Discovery Method

In life, we travel alone and tend to discover things around us. In our journey, we encounter a person, a family, herd of animals, a storm, darkness, potholes and others. We learn from the various events and collect experiences. We discover that we shared a bit, but none of us have had identical lives. You’ll discover that what other people want can be similar to what you want, although what they want may differ slightly. And you’ll learn that what you want is not exactly what they want. You’ll grow from your experiences and, in this case, your failures and successes can help you know what you want.

Accept the Consequences

Finding yourself can be encouraging or can be frustrating — but don’t give up. These are part and parcel of knowing what you want. Taking chances is the name of the game. You will lose nothing if you take a chance; however if you don’t, you’ll regret it. You are already defeated for not trying. Think positive and take risks for things you want. You won’t regret it because these are for enlightening experience.

Follow Your Heart

Don’t be afraid to find out where you belong. Just do things that make you happy and feel good. Have inner-peace and follow what your heart desires. This way, you become self-sufficient and a person with goals and a direction in life.

Susan Davids loves to knit and to bake, and she also like to write about where to find reliable home insurance quotes.

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Tips For Getting Your Family Involved When Moving

Moving home is something that can involve every member of your family. Everything from the packing process to moving into your new home can be done as a family activity. This will make the moving process easier and faster. The following tips are great ways of getting your family involved when moving.

Make moving a family activity

by UltimateLibrarian

You and your family can plan every part of the moving process together. Begin by talking about which family member(s) will be responsible for certain tasks. This is a great time saving strategy; each member of the family will have a specific task like packing items, cleaning rooms or taking care of the financial aspects. Another tip is to label all of the moving boxes once they have been packed. This will ensure that each member of the family’s belongings do not get mixed up during the moving process.

Once you and your family have decided which individuals will be responsible for all of these separate tasks, the next step is to decide together which items you would like to move with and which ones you wouldn’t. This decision should include the entire family which will help everyone feel involved with the moving process and prevent important items being left behind during the move. Your family can also plan the moving date together which makes the process considerate to everyone’s personal schedule.

Each member of your family may prefer different dates for different reasons. Agreeing on a certain date will make arranging other aspects of the move easier which is a good tip for getting your family involved with the move.

Planning the move together

by UltimateLibrarian

Another way to get your family involved in the moving process is by agreeing on what time the removal van should arrive. By doing this, you can ensure that everyone in the household has all of their belongings packed into boxes ready to load into the van when it arrives. This will keep the move on schedule, you and your family will be able to move into your new property as quickly as possible which speeds up the moving process.

If you have any young children in your family you can also include them in the moving process by encouraging them to pack smaller items or by helping to label and decorate the moving boxes. This will encourage them to view moving as a fun activity and it is a great way to get them involved with the move.

These tips are designed to make every part of your move feel like a family activity instead of a stressful task. Organisation and time management, which the entire family agrees on, will make your move simple. Moving into a new home is a wonderful experience which you and your family should be able to enjoy together.

Carlos is a home improvement blogger and provides easy and affordable home tips. He recommends the Finest Man Van team for all your relocation needs

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Thailand Ratchaphruek Flower Festival

The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek was an enormous and famous flower festival, which took place in the city of Chiang Mai, Thailand, from November of 2006 to the beginning of 2007. Drawing almost 4 million visitors, this epic flower festival was centred around the Ratchaphruek flower, which is recognised as the national flower of Thailand. The Ratchaphruek, or Golden Shower, is a beautiful flower which grows on a fairly large tree and blossoms in the spring. This flower is particularly stunning as the plant has hardly any leaves and the bright yellow flowers hang directly from the branches in abundance, hence the name Golden Shower. Often seen by roadsides, this flower is particularly symbolic as yellow is the colour of royalty in Thailand and the King of Thailand is very close to the hearts and minds of all Thai people. It is because of this colour, as well as important medicinal properties of the plant, that it has become the national flower (and also tree) of Thailand. Some also consider the fact that all these trees blossom at the same time to be symbolic of the unity of Thai people.

The Royal Flora Ratchaphruek flower festival was actually hosted by the government of Thailand, in honour of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the long-standing King of Thailand. Set in 200 acres of land near to Chiang Mai, this 90 day festival featured many different plants and flowers from all around the world. Indeed it was truly an international festival and earned the “A1’ badge from the AIPH (Association of International Horticultural Producers), which is the highest award such a festival can achieve.
Probably the most important of all the attractions was the ‘Gardens for the King’. This consisted of two parts – the International Gardens and the Corporate Gardens. The International Gardens were filled with displays from the horticultural associations of many different nations, with all their own native flowers, celebrating unity, cooperation and peace amongst the varied nations of the world. The Corporate Gardens, despite the unusual name, was a beautiful mix of displays donated by Thai companies, state offices and some international corporations.
There was also a royal pavilion, which was constructed in the Lanna style – an old architectural style from ancient northern Thailand, and which contained a gallery of photographs and evidence of the King’s hard work for his people over the years. This display was the centrepiece of appreciation for the King and was by far the most popular part of the festival.
Finally there were also many varied cultural shows, tropical gardens, flower vendors and of course a fantastic array of international cuisines, souvenirs, arts and crafts and many, many more attractions.
At the end of the festival, it was calculated that the event had injected as much as 27 billion baht into the nation’s economy. The government were expecting only 3 million visitors but received almost 4 million, with some of the busy days seeing more than 100,000 visitors at the same time, way exceeding expectations.
Since the festival, the site has been transformed into a horticultural training and learning centre, making best use of the land and facilities set up for the festival. Indeed the site is still open to the public today, still containing many of the original exhibits and is now one of the famous landmarks of Chiang Mai, receiving around 500 visitors every day.

There are many interesting and unique flowers in Thailand. Flowers do feature quite a lot in Thai culture and in Thailand, like the USA, flowers are given as romantic gifts. If you would like to send flowers to someone in Bangkok you can do so by ordering at Flowers Thailand www.gogoflorist.com

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Instagram: The Best Photography App

There is no doubt that people love to look at pictures. Everyone may like something different, but for those people who have a smart phone, like an iPhone, Instagram certainly seems to be the place to share these pictures. Instagram has continuously been one of the best rated apps because there are so many things that can be done once it’s downloaded. Instagram makes it easy to find pictures and easy to share pictures with others as well. Why is this one of the top rated apps of 2012? Here’s a few reasons.

What You Can Do With Instagram

When you download Instagram to your phone, you are opening yourself up to a whole new way of sharing pictures. In order to be able to look at pictures and share those that you take, you will need to create an account. It’s not hard at all. You just choose a user name and password, fill out your profile and you are good to go. Now that you are an Instagram user, you can take a look to see what kinds of pictures that other people post. If you have a whole ton of pictures on your iPhone that you took and you want to share with others, you can get started posting them. You will see that Instagram has some filters you can add to your pictures as well to make them look cool. Additionally, you can add a border if you choose to or you can simply use the filter. Finally, there is a blur tool on Instagram if you wish to put the focus on a specific area of your photo. You will also have the option to enhance the color of your photo before you post it.

Connecting With Instagram

Instagram is one of the best and most popular apps for the iPhone because it allows you to connect with other people in so many ways. First and foremost, when you are posting a picture that you want other people to see, you will want to be sure to add some hashtags. For instance, if you are taking a picture of your dog and your dog happens to be a cute Chihuahua, tag your picture with things like ‘dog’, ‘puppy’, ‘cute’, ‘pet’, and ‘Chihuahua’. When people search these tags, your picture will appear. Additionally, Instagram allows you to configure your account with Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook so that all of your friends can see your post even if they do not have an Instagram account.

Instagram has continuously been rated as one of the best iPhone apps in the past two years and there are so many users to back that information up. If you are someone who loves to look at pictures and you take some pretty amazing ones yourself, Instagram is definitely an app that you will want to download on your iPhone. Give it a try today and see what all the craze is about!

Jessie G. is a writer for http://www.bestonlinecollege.org/. To take a look at the different online colleges, take a look at this site.

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Three Famous Data Thefts and How to Avoid Them

With the ever increasing risk of data loss and theft, it has become important for businesses and corporations to manage their data in line with strict measures and procedures. In recent years, large corporations and government bodies have faced hefty fines because of their own failings. With strict data protection legislation being enforced, as well as the risk of losing customer support, many have turned to third party companies to look after their data storage or destruction needs.
Improper Destruction of Data
In June 2012, Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust were ordered to pay a £325,000 fine when it was revealed that computer hard drives containing the sensitive information of thousands of patients had been stolen. The data included staff details, national insurance numbers, home addresses, hospital IDs and even information relating to criminal convictions. The theft occurred when an IT worker was instructed to destroy over 1,000 hard drives at Brighton Hospital. Rather than destroy them properly, several of the hard drives were auctioned on eBay, eventually being purchased by a data recovery company. The hospital was unable to explain how the individual removed at least 250 hard drives from supposedly secure rooms without supervision and without being given access.
To avoid such grievous errors, as well the heavy fines that come along with stringent data protection legislation, companies must comply with confidential data destruction in a safe and secure manner. Third parties exist which offer a ‘data shredding’ service customised to companies’ individual needs. All documents, whether they be hard drives, DVDs, CDs or paper, are securely transported to a shredding facility and destroyed. There is no chance of recovery, and it is less hassle for the business.
Insecure Transit of Personal Records
In 2007, the personal records of 25 million people were lost in the post. The data included sensitive information such as dates of birth, addresses, bank accounts and national insurance numbers. The two discs had been sent without insurance or recorded delivery by a government employee. Because of this, there was no way for investigators to determine precisely where the package was misplaced or stolen. This critical data protection breach potentially allowed for mass identity fraud. The worth of the unencrypted data to cyber-criminals was estimated to be at least £1.5 billion.
To avoid breaches of security protocol, third party companies can be used to ensure the method of transfer always results in a secure delivery with no data loss along the way. By maintaining a chain of custody for all data transfer, as well as GPS tracked vehicles, the whereabouts of the data can be determined at any given time. These third party companies can ensure quick and orderly transit with minimal data loss and theft.
Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) Data Loss
In the summer of 2011, users of Sony’s PlayStation Network were put at risk when the company admitted that hackers had broken into their system and accessed the unencrypted personal information of up to 77 million people. The data included user’s names, addresses, date of births, e-mail addresses and PSN usernames and passwords. A small group of user’s credit card information was also said to have been compromised.
The cost of the network downtime while Sony fixed the breach was an estimated $171 million. Sony also faced a $1.5 billion lawsuit and had to answer tough questions from the US House of Representatives and government agencies from across the world. Sony faced criticism over poor safeguarding of sensitive data and acting too late to fix the problem.
Third party data companies offer a variety of methods for countering data loss. Offsite storage facilities can cater to large corporations and offer secure data protection, storage, backup and recovery. The facilities have dedicated staff who are trained and prepared for a variety of security needs, whether it be secure transport, storage or destruction of any digital or physical information.
Nathan Morgan has been a IT professional for 14 years. He is now dedicated to online marketing, focused on search engine optimisation and social media marketing.
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10 Fun Things to Do in the Summer with Your Kids

As summer approaches, so does the fact that your kids are going to be out of school. With the kids out of school, you want to make sure that you are keeping them entertained, and that you aren’t going crazy thinking of ways to have fun with them. If you are in a little rut with what to do with your kids, here are some fun (and cheap) ways to entertain your kids this summer!

1.Swing on the hammock. If you are tired of running around all day, take a day and swing on the hammock with your kids. You can draw pictures of the clouds, and maybe even work on your tan.

2.Have them help with yard work. Doing yard work in the hot sun can be miserable, but if you can do it faster, and have some bonding time with your kids, why not have them help you? They can do the small stuff like watering and bringing you lemonade, but they’ll enjoy their time in the sun.

3.Dress up. Scour your local yard sales and find things that your kids can dress up in. Once you have enough things, plan a day where they can dress up and roam around the house in their new outfit.

4.Build a fort. If it’s nice outside, get some blankets, and hang them from your tree―instant fort. If it’s too hot to go outside, build a cool fort inside. You can read stories and enjoy ice cream from inside.

5.Car wash. If your kids are looking for some ways to make some money, have them set up their own car wash. You can get a clean car, without having to pay so much. Plus, the kids can cool off in the water.

6.Look for bugs. Even if you are a little squeamish, this doesn’t have to be a big problem. Take your kids outside, and have them try to catch the local bugs. They be able to learn more about bugs, and you might get over your fear.

7.Chalk party. Get a bunch of the neighborhood kids and have a chalk party. Make sure to keep the kids hydrated, and always test the pavement before they start drawing. It might be too hot for them to use!

8.Make music. If your child has been dying to try an instrument, the summer is the best time to get them to start.

9.Dance in the sprinklers. When it’s especially hot, get your kids outside and have them cool off in the sprinklers. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of them, and they will be able to get their wiggles out.

10.Go swimming. When it becomes unbearable, pack the kids up, and take them to the local pool. You’ll be able to cool down, and the kids will have some time to splash in the pool.

Debrah D. is a writer for http://www.how2becomeatattooartist.net/. If you want to get a career where you can be creative, and be a professional, this is a great site for you.

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Tumblr or Live Journal: What You Should Know

The internet has changed the way we do a lot of things. We can now watch the news online or even read our local newspaper. In the past, if we wanted to write our thoughts down, we would do it in a journal or even in a diary. However, the internet has changed that as well. There are now online journaling websites that allow users to create accounts and write their thoughts to be shared with the world. These sites are called blogs and there are tons of blogging websites out there. Two of the most popular include Tumblr and Live Journal. If you are someone who is thinking about starting a blog, you may find yourself wanting to know a bit more about each site so you can determine which one is the best for you. Here is the inside scoop.

Tumblr: You Need to Know…

Tumblr is one of the best blogging sites that there is. Tumblr is easy to use and there are millions of people posting each and every day. If there is something you want to read about, you can read about it on Tumblr. The great thing about Tumblr is that your account is totally free. You heard that correctly. There is nothing for you to have to pay for. You create an account and choose your own URL. Once you do this, you can choose a theme for your Tumblr and make your first post. You have the choice of posting a text post, a photo post, an audio post, a video post or even a quote. You can also post links on your Tumblr. There is really nothing that you can’t post, so post away. Another great thing about Tumblr is that you can search for tags and you can reblog something that someone else posted if you liked it. How cool is that?

Live Journal: The Inside Scoop

Live Journal is another popular blogging website but it does not have as many users as Tumblr. While it has been around a bit longer, Live Journal is a bit simpler than Tumblr and is aimed towards more blogging and an older crowd. If you are someone who wants to post mainly text entries, Live Journal would be the better option for you.

Now that you have an idea about what Tumblr is and what it is about when it is compared to Live Journal, you should be able to make the decision as to which is the right blogging site for you. If you are still not sure, make an account on both sites and try both out to see which you like better. Both sites are great and offer different features. What is right for you may not be right for someone else. Check out Tumblr and Live Journal and see which appeals more to you so you can get started with your new blog!

Norah G. is a writer for AspiringNurse.com. If you want to get a career as a nurse, take a look at this site to learn more about this lucrative field: http://www.aspiringnurse.com/registered-nurse/how-to-become-a-nurse/

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